All services are quoted in Australian dollars. Rates will be converted to USD, GBP or Euros at the current exchange rate when you commission our services.


$60 AUD per hour

  • Desktop research

  • Build forms and surveys

  • Journal/book/chapter formatting

  • Draft grant applications

  • Draft ethics applications

  • Draft research permit applications

  • Grant award administration

  • Document preparation (annual reports; performance/metrics reports etc.)

  • Build global, performance ranked contact lists for recruitment and event promotion

  • Build Endnote project library


$70 AUD per hour

  • Literature reviews

  • Data analysis and graph/chart production

  • Draft questions and data fields for forms and surveys

  • Analyse survey results

  • Develop project budgets

  • Write grant milestone and final reports

  • Build and promote individual researcher profiles online

  • Write content for existing or new websites

  • Build standard databases


$80 AUD per hour

  • Produce standard marketing campaigns (social media & mainstream)

  • Brand research projects (logos, headers, banners etc)

  • Build conference websites with online payment capabilities

  • Develop project management action plans

  • Project data management policies, strategies & tools

  • For high-end marketing strategies and campaigns, we collaborate with an award-winning marketing agency who will provide you with a quote.


$75 AUD per hour

  • Combination of two or more ENTERPRISE services