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John Saunders - Child Sexual Abuse Survivor and Advocate

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

John Saunders has created a unique public forum that addresses key factors that affect survivors of child sexual abuse. He has developed this forum as a way to educate people about the long-lasting effects child abuse has on individuals, families, and communities. John's forum provides a safe and supportive environment for survivors to ask questions, receive practical advice, and be heard and believed. All of these aspects are essential components for shame-reduction and healing for child sexual abuse survivors. The forum is a unique opportunity for survivors, healthcare professionals, and members of the community to engage in a conversation about stigma, trauma and how we can better meet the needs of survivors in our communities.

You can read more about John's public speaking and advocacy work here: www.jsaunders.com.au/guestspeaker

John has also recently published his memoir, One In Six, in which he examines pockets of his painful past as a survivor of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. John uncovers a courageous heart, and challenges outdated cultural, family and self-imposed beliefs so that healing can take place. This book is a snapshot of 30 years of self-enquiry that taught John about his innate capacity to give and receive love, and how to help others do the same. 

One In Six is available on Amazon:


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