MSc (Physics), PhD (Chemistry)

Academic Research Services are excited to announce their latest collaborative partnership with Ewingar Scientific. We provide them with a range of services, including industry networking services, website content, and marketing and PR development.


About Ewingar Scientific


Dr Kondyurin is an aerospace physicist and compostite material scientist. He has worked in academic research for 20+ years in Russia, Germany and Australia. Dr Kondyurin has published over 100 academic journal articles and books, and has presented his groundbreaking research at numerous academic and industry conferences around the world. In 2017, Dr Kondyurin retired as a Senior Researcher at the University of Sydney and established his own consultancy practice, Ewingar Scientific, located in northern New South Wales (Australia). Ewingar Scientific has its own research laboratory, and collaborates with other scientists across the globe to provide the research and industry sectors with the most cutting edge research and development in the fields of material science, biomedical science, and large aerospace constructions.

Find out more about Ewingar Scientific at www.ewingarscientific.com.au