Academic Research Services is a new business enterprise founded by Annika Korsgaard in 2019. Annika recognised the need for academics to have access to many research support and research promotion services, but that their needs could not always be met by their university. The traditional approach of hiring research assistants from within an institute/faculty/department is not always the most time or cost-effective method to receive support. Academic researchers of all disciplines share many of the same goals, and require the same types of support to achieve those goals. Academic Research Services offers a wide range of services, and best of all you don’t need to wait for your university to approve casual contracts in order for work to commence. ARS can start immediately, and can work nights and weekends at no extra cost, to get your job completed ASAP.

Annika has worked in the Australian university sector for ten years as a research project manager, research administrator and research assistant.​ She completed three years of a PhD in Archaeology before deferring to take on the role of lead researcher for two Australian Aboriginal history/heritage projects.​ Annika is passionate about research. Over the years, Annika has acquired many research, project management, marketing, data management, business and accounting skills. She also has an extensive network of experienced academics and research/project administrators who are available to work with Academic Research Services to provide you the very best service possible.


Annika Korsgaard,

Founder of Academic Research Services


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CASPA Services


Southern Cross University           
University of New England         

Arts Northern Rivers                   

University of Sydney                 

University of Sydney                  

University of Sydney                 

University of Sydney 

University of Sydney                 

University of Sydney 

Foster Care Data Analyst, Data Management, Foster Carer Recruitment

Research Consultant, Administrator, Website Designer

Research Officer, School of Health and Human Sciences

Lead Researcher, Breimba - looking for you: Lindt Research Project 

Lead Researcher, Bundjalung Project

Tutor, Research Methods, Koori Centre - Aboriginal Support Services

Project Manager, New South Wales Archaeology Online

Project Coordinator, McNicoll and British Museum Touring Lectureship

Research Assistant, Chair of Archaeology

Administration Officer, New Ground Archaeology Conference

Research Assistant, Chair of Classical Archaeology


Korsgaard, A. 2018. ‘Foster Carer Recruitment Analysis, and Planning Recommendations for 2019.’ Consultancy report prepared for CASPA - Child and Adolescent Specialist Programs and Accommodation, and Mee Crosscultural Productions. Lismore, NSW.

Korsgaard, A. and M. Gibbs. 2016. 'Shipwrecks as Archaeological Signatures of a Maritime Industrial Frontier in the Solomon Islands, 1788–1942.’ International Journal of Historical Archaeology 20: 105-126. 

Korsgaard, A. 2015. ‘Breimba - looking for you: Lindt Research Project Final Report.’ Consultancy report prepared for the University of New England, the Grafton Regional Gallery and the Lindt Research Group. 


Korsgaard, A. 2014. ‘Bundjalung Project: Museum Research Report of Findings.’  Consultancy report prepared for Arts Northern Rivers. 


2011 - 2014

University of Sydney

PhD Archaeology (deferred)


University of Sydney

Honours 1st Class, B.A. Archaeology

2004 - 2009

University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Classical Archaeology, and Pre-historic and Historical Archaeology