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Reclaim your valuable research time

Let our experienced team administer your project, while you focus on your life's work. 


GREAT reasons to use

Academic Research Services

immediate start

ARS can start work immediately. There are none of the usual delays waiting for university casual staff contracts to be finalised before work can commence.



ARS don't have any hour/day/time restrictions or overtime rates. We can work nights and weekends to ensure your urgent job is completed ASAP.


research recognition

ARS can proactively promote your research via mainstream and social media, extending your research profile beyond the academic sector.



Research versatility

Academic Research Services offer an array of services to meet your needs. We have a diverse range of skills and services that are applicable to all disciplines.

Services include:

Industry & Academic Collaborations

ARS have an extensive and reputable network of academic and industry consultants from many sectors who provide advice on discipline-specific queries.


We also work with an award-winning marketing agency, and a variety of creatives, who we collaborate with for marketing and PR-based aspects of research projects.

Annika Korsgaard CV extract

Annika Korsgaard has worked as a research administrator, project administrator and research assistant in Australian universities for over ten years. She is also a published researcher in her own field.​


Annika and her multi-disciplinary team possess extensive skills, knowledge and experience that are invaluable to any research project.

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Research - time flexibility

We are based in Australia, so while you sleep we can prepare documents that will be in your inbox when you wake up! 


​We are available to work evenings and weekends at no extra charge. ​​



  • Research Support

    Research administration can take up vast amounts of valuable research time. Academic Research Services offer a range of one-off, short, medium and long term services that enable you to have all your administrative and research support needs met, enabling you to focus on your research.

    Please note, we can produce documents in UK or US English.

    Click the links below for comprehensive lists of our research support services available.



    If a service you require isn't listed here, please let us know and we will endeavour to provide with your desired service, or find someone who can.

  • Social Media,  Marketing, and Connection Building

    Academic Research Services offer marketing services to raise awareness of your research in mainstream and social media, and within the wider community, which can also be utilised to recruit research participants.


    We also produce a wide range of tailor-designed contact databases for all disciplines. Our performance-ranked, worldwide, academic and industry contact lists are invaluable for collaboration, recruitment and conference purposes. 

    • Attract media coverage for you, your research project, and/or your institute/department

    • Brand you and your research for social media

    • Design and facilitate social media strategies for individuals, projects, and institutes/departments

    • Make your research accessible and comprehensible to the wider community

    • Expand and diversify industry and peer networks and partnerships



  • Data Management

    Let us help you devise your research data management plan. We review your data management requirements and develop a robust and ethical management plan to suit your project's needs (and meet university and grant requirements). We can also map out workflow processes, and provide your team with a data management manual to ensure standardised data entry practices.

    • Ensure ethical and appropriate data management policies are in place

    • Create and implement data management plans (data collection, retention & dissemination objectives and strategies)

    • Devise workflow protocols and systems

    • Design and/or build project websites


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